RE: (IAAC) Observations wanted: NGC 6991

Well, I guess that I did manage to pick it out, Steve.  I saw a faint glow
just east of the mag 5.7 star shown on Uranometria at 127x.  It was in the
right location, but only looked like 4 or 5 stars to me.  The catalogs list
12 stars for the cluster and in a larger area than what I saw appeared.
I'll have to give it another shot when the skies are a bit better.
Thanks for the info.
Eric Greene
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Here is an observation I made with a 13" f/5.6 Newtonian on
a night I rated 7 out of 10 for seeing and transparency:
NGC 6991  Pretty faint, pretty small, not rich, not compressed,
14 stars resolved at 135X.
Hope that helps;  Steve Coe
P.S.  BTW, if anyone is looking for a scope, I have a 10" f/6
Newtonian on a study German Equatorial Mount for sale, $1400.
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