Re: (IAAC) Obj: NGC 6751 - Inst: 12.5" F5 Dob

>Another cool couple of logs, Scott! NGC 404 is a neat one - I love close
>"juxtapositions" like that, or the two little galaxies (one NGC and one
>IC) near M13, or the little blurry open cluster and spiral galaxy (n6939 and
>46) right next to each other in Cepheus. :)
>BTW, Scott, you noted n6751 as being faint and difficult. Have you tried for
>the other bright planetaries in Aquila, NGC 6781 or tiny 6803? I'm
>curious, as
>I've been spending time with these and the ZILLION fainter PNs in Aquila and
>Scutum this Summer, and would love to compare notes.
>Take care, and keep the excellent logs coming!
>Lew, finally emerging to deep-sky from a Perseid "buzz" :>
NGC 6781 is a great planetary nebula with a large aperture scope and nebula

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