Re: (IAAC) Meteor Watchers' Reminder: July 28 - August 1!

Hi Lew,
Lew Gramer wrote:
> Just a quick reminder that over the next (and last) few nights, the active
> "minor" shower known as the Southern Delta Aquarids is at its peak.
On July 25th-26th my friends and I went to observe the stars. Our
intention was not to watch meteors (normally we never have this
intention) but we saw many meteors during the night, most of them
presumable Delta Aquarids. Near 4:30 am I saw 3 bright meteors following
almost the same path and all in a 2 minutes period, crossing in
direction to Orion at that time a few degrees above the East horizon. We
did not know about the shower or if there were any expected shower
around these days. I would like to know in advance the days and the
names of the showers. Unfortunately we have to drive to the mountains
some 200 km from the city and so we only have the chance to do that once
a month around the new moon.
Celso Montalvo
12o S; 77o W.; [UT - 5 hrs]

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