(IAAC) Meteor Watchers' Reminder: July 28 - August 1!

Just a quick reminder that over the next (and last) few nights, the active 
"minor" shower known as the Southern Delta Aquarids is at its peak. Also 
visible at the moment are several other minor showers (including the nascent 
Perseids, currently radiating from Cassiopeia), as well as the high level of 
sporadics (non-shower meteors) usually visible this time of year.
All together under dark skies, you can expect rates of one meteor every three 
minutes or less! Not a Meteor Storm, but surely worth watching!
And as always, to see the greatest NUMBER of meteors be sure to pick * a dark 
spot, * with no local light trespass, * near few obstructions, and * watch 
AFTER midnight (or as late as you can manage)!
And remember - with a few short hours of practice (mostly just in finding your 
Limiting Magnitude, and estimating meteor magnitudes), you can not only be 
enjoying the wonderful sky show, but actually contributing to the scientific 
knowledge of our solar system, its formation, and evolution! Drop me a line if 
you or your club are interested in trying this...
Clear skies and many meteors to all!
Lew Gramer
Asst. Electronic Information Coordinator, American Meteor Society