Re: (IAAC) Astronomy Club's Choice: Big DOB or CCD?

I would like to be included in your list when posting comments on Club
growth and perspectives. Ours is a very small one but we also have the
same questions: how to grow, how to assure a smooth development for all
interested members. It is clear that anybody can play its hobby alone,
but also all will already know that playing in a club is years light far
better. However not always all people coincide with timings, needs or
interests. Our club is still in the stage of having a continuous motion.
Unfortunately our city is cloudy 95+% of the nights when not summer
(except this summer for "El Niņo") so we have to observe at least two or
three hours far from the city lights and clouds. Usually -some of us
meet on new moons, but in the meantime we need a way to get the club
I will appreciate your comments.
Art Russell wrote:
> Astronomy Club's Choice: Big DOB or CCD?
> As many of you know the Atlanta Astronomy Club is currently locked in
> debate about the future of our astronomy club. Key in the debate are
> several initiatives: a 24 or 25 inch class dobsonian; smaller aperture
> scope with CCD in a robotic or remote observatory;  refurbishing our
> current club observatory under light polluted skies; and/or locating a
> remote (1 1/2 to 2 hour) dark site for observing and possible observatory.
> I'm sure that many other clubs have wrestled with similar questions as
> they've charted the growth of their club.
> What was your solution?
> How did you fund your decision?
> Did it work out as well as you'd hoped?
> Any thoughts or recommendations?
> Please contact me by email at artrussell@mindspring.com with your comments
> bearing on this situation.
> Thanks for your time and assistance.
> Art Russell
> Atlanta Astronomy Club
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