(IAAC) Astronomy Club's Choice: Big DOB or CCD?

Astronomy Club's Choice: Big DOB or CCD?
As many of you know the Atlanta Astronomy Club is currently locked in 
debate about the future of our astronomy club. Key in the debate are 
several initiatives: a 24 or 25 inch class dobsonian; smaller aperture 
scope with CCD in a robotic or remote observatory;  refurbishing our 
current club observatory under light polluted skies; and/or locating a 
remote (1 1/2 to 2 hour) dark site for observing and possible observatory.
I'm sure that many other clubs have wrestled with similar questions as 
they've charted the growth of their club.
What was your solution?
How did you fund your decision?
Did it work out as well as you'd hoped?
Any thoughts or recommendations?
Please contact me by email at artrussell@mindspring.com with your comments 
bearing on this situation.
Thanks for your time and assistance.
Art Russell
Atlanta Astronomy Club
Big Dobs - "Size Does Matter"
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