Re: (IAAC) IAAC submissions

>> Is there any clever way of writing a string of these forms offline and
>>  then sending them? When I tried to save forms offline all I got was
>> empty files.
Wrt saving your input, the only thing that comes to my mind would be to have
the data (optionally) sent to the sender by email in some format - which
would have to be programmed in your cgi script.
Automatic submission should perhaps be made possible with a downloadable
ascii form file, where the user can fill in with any ascii text editor (such
as Dos "edit", OS/2 "EPM", Unix' "pico" or "vi", or multi-platform "emacs"),
or even programmed in any (offline) scripting language - anyway this
requires the user to send this as email. Guess any way to automatize this
on web requires "defining" some new "standards" :)