Re: (IAAC) 33 doubles in Scorpius

Hi, Luis - sounds like a wonderful project! Would you be willing to use "IAAC" 
as a forum for building your archive of these observations? Non-subscribers can 
always post observing logs, so your participants could use either of our email 
or Web forms, whether they were IAAC members or not.
Hi Lew,
I think this project is something special because Scorpius is in some way a challenging constellation, due to its low altitude over the horizont. Moreover, it already has an international interest, with participants from Texas to Canary Islands.
Initially I will build a Web page with the results in September. Then it will be a pleasure to upload the results in the IAAC forum. After all, double-star observing is also a Deep-Space issue :)
Also it seems this is only the beginning of something great. A participant suggested me to conduct several double-observing programs along the year. If all goes well, maybe there will be a "33 doubles in Orion" project next winter. 
Now I'm working in assignments and translating RA & Dec coordinates from Burnham's Celestial Handbook to J2000 coordinates. This is taking a bit of time...
Clearest skies:
Luis Arguelles
P.S: I will be delighted to welcome participants until Sunday, 28th.