Re: (IAAC) IAAC submissions

Hello, Nick, and thanks for trying the Web forms. Also thanks (to all who 
contributed) for already logging over half the "MISSING MESSIERS"! Keep it 
going, and soon I'll have to post a "Herschel-400 Challenge". ;>
>Is there any clever way of writing a string of these forms offline and then
>sending them? When I tried to save forms offline all I got was empty files.
I've tried to find some mechanism for supporting this using standard "HTML" forms, and have not found it. Web Wizards on the list who can suggest anything would be duly thanked and acknowledged!
One thing you can do is fill out the form at:
This form lets you pre-enter all your pertinent personal information for observing logs, including name, email address, skill level, favorite location (plus conditions), favorite instrument, magnifications and filters. Once entered, this information is shown in a "prefilled" observing form which you can then bookmark and use over and over again.
Luis' suggestion of using "Notepad" or a similar app to enter (and save) your logs first is also very helpful! This together with a "personal log" bookmark, lets you compose many "Descriptions" at once, then enter them one after the other - only adding object data along the way.
Hope this helps! Clear skies,
Lew Gramer <owner-netastrocatalog@latrade.com>
"Webmaster" for IAAC archive