(IAAC) 33 doubles in Scorpius

Thinking about the posibilities that the Internet bring us, I've designed an international observing project named "33 doubles in Scorpius".
The goal is to log observations of the 33 easiest doubles in Scorpius as listed in Burnham's Celestial Handbook.
Of course, if you want to participe, you don't need to observe all the 33 stars. I plan to divide the whole number among respondants, so finally I expect that every observer only need to log about 5 stars.
You only would need to log the following data:
Time of observation
Telescope used
Magnifications used
Observing notes: ie, coloration, aspect, impressions, and so on
If you are interested, please, send me an e-mail noting what scope do you own because if your telescope is for example a 70 mm. aperture one I can't assign you a double with 1.5" component's separation. Also don't forget to send me the latitude of your observing location: if you live for example in Berlin I can't assign you the southern stars of the constellation.
Finally, I'll build up a Web page with the results. If you are interested, please e-mail me at:
Clearest skies:
Luis Arguelles