Re: (IAAC) Recent Discussions

Paul Haworth wrote:
> Jeff mainly, and the List,
> It is clear that recent discussion on the List has gone well beyond
> astronomy, with a good number of needless personal factors getting
> involved.  I, for one, do not wish my Inbox to be cluttered with remarks
> which frankly a 3 year old would be embarrassed about.  This is an
> Astronomy forum, and a very good one at that, and it doesn't, in my
> opinion, need good, solid and fascinating discussion being turned into
> petit squabbling.
> We all know that different observers have different views on various
> aspects.  (That thread a few weeks ago on colour perception is one
> example).  Let's accept that, and get on with some quality discussion
> without the childish remarks.
> Clear skies to all,
> Paul.
Has the second IAAC flame war been officially declared? :-)
Dave Mitsky
(running for cover)