(IAAC) Eyepieces and other matters...

Hi, folks - just an apology to the list as a whole, for our most recent 
digression regarding eyepieces.
ALL of the opinions expressed have been appreciated, as most of us would love 
to find the best oculars to view our celestial targets with. But I'd like to 
suggest that at this point, any information or view of more general interest 
has already been expressed by participants in this thread.
And so, without prejudicing the continuation of this discussion via PRIVATE 
EMAIL, I propose that we return to subject matter which is (a priori) near and 
dear to ALL our hearts: namely, observation of the Deep Sky!
Should anyone agree or disagree, PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THE ENTIRE LIST! 
Rather, email me personally, and we'll find a compromise amenable to the 
majority of subscribers. Clear skies all, and happy reading!
Lew Gramer <owner-netastrocatalog@latrade.com>