Re: (IAAC) Observations in Webb Society "Deep Sky Observer"

A very interesting note, Yann - thank you!
I'm glad you enjoyed my logs in "DSO". I'm a bit embarrassed though, as one of 
the very first ones Steve Hynes chose contains a glaring error, where I somehow 
manage to confuse the Christmas Tree Cluster with the open cluster which sits 
amid the Rosette Nebula! Oh, well... :( / :)
Anyway as you suggest, there *IS* some confusion about NGC 7076! It's actually 
identified as a planetary in many newer "updated databases" derived from NGC. 
And looking at the Palomar plates in that area, sure enough the "true" location 
of NGC 7076 (21:25:48+62:48 J2000) is *empty*, while the nearby planetary 
PK101-8.1 (21:26:24 +62:53) closely matches my description...
Looks like the original NGC (probably from SAC) is wrong, but so is the 
original Perek-Kohoutek; for this object is certainly brighter than mag 17! :) 
See Steve Gottlieb's confirming observation at:
and also the several confirmations of n7076=PK101-8.1 at:
Thanks also for mentioning the Bubble and Hbeta! I don't own a Hydrogen Beta 
filter of my own, so haven't tried it on many objects. It may be significant 
thought that the professional literature (Jernigan 1989) describes n7635 as a 
"stellar wind bubble", dominated by HII emissions but significantly interacting 
with the interstellar medium. I guess UV photoionization PLUS collisional 
excitation can mean an unusual mix of emissions?
PS: Congratulations on mention of "Ciel Extreme" in DSO also!
Clear skies!