(IAAC) Observations in Webb Society "Deep Sky Observer"

[Forwarded without permission!]
Dear Lew,
I read with interest your observations in the latest DSO (Webb Soc.) but
have been puzzled by your statement of NGC 7076 as an emission nebula... In
my own data collected from varied sources,
NGC 7076=PK101+08.1=Abell 75
21h26m18s +62 52 56 from the NGC
21h26m24s +62 52 56 from the PK
I have found it to be v13.2:, ph17.0, diam.57", type IIIb PN
On Guide, both NGC 7076 (being described with a rectangular box ie
emission nebula) and PK101+08.1 are standing next to each other nearly one
upon the other. So I believed the two objects were the same, even if its
not stated in "Planetary Nebula" (Hynes) but it is the case in the "Deep
sky Field Guide". I found that the object responded well in the 17.5" to
UHC and even slightly better to an OIII (and H beta didn't worked on this
one). What do you think about it?
You also spoke about NGC 7635, the bubble nebula, and I found recently
(1997) that this nebula responded to Hbeta filter !  (targets responding to
this filter are enough scarce enough to be noted). The faint northern parts
of the nebula are left unimpaired by the Hbeta while the rest of the nebula
(bight central details) is dimmed as compared to the UHC or OIII sightings.
This is not an obvious effect but I really had the impression that the
Hbeta prefered the faint surrounding extensions (specially the north one).
Clear skies, Yann.
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