Re: (IAAC) FW: Sorry.. I need your help.

From: Lew Gramer <dedalus@latrade.com>
>But a decent pair of 7x50 prism binoculars, with at least full coating, 
and a *well-aligned* set of prisms (whether they're BAK or not) can also 
be had for under $100, and will give you better views of the Deep Sky.
>Now don't expect to explore the galaxies of Virgo or nebulae in Cepheus 
and Cygnus with them! (Unless you're a trained observer under DARK 
skies!) But you will see many beautiful clusters, asterisms, brighter 
nebulae, a galaxy or two, and even the occasional meteor with such an 
With some practice, virtually all of the Messier objects are available 
to the user of a pair of 10x50's in a dark sky, maybe even with 7x50's, 
although I think the additional magnification helps; add these to many 
other nice objects, and you can spend many happy hours trolling the 
heavens in search of deep sky joy :-)
Bruce Jensen
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