Re: (IAAC) FW: Sorry.. I need your help.

Hi, Shin - don't be sorry! Giving (lots of) opinions about deep-sky observing 
is partly what we're here for. ;>
I would say the 8x40 Nature binocular is *OK* for deep-sky observing. But if 
you haven't bought it yet, and your girlfriend's MAIN INTEREST is astronomy, I 
suggest 7x50 or 10x50 binoculars instead. The 8x40 is designed for sports, bird 
watching, etc., but not specifically astronomy.
But a decent pair of 7x50 prism binoculars, with at least full coating, and a 
*well-aligned* set of prisms (whether they're BAK or not) can also be had for 
under $100, and will give you better views of the Deep Sky.
Now don't expect to explore the galaxies of Virgo or nebulae in Cepheus and 
Cygnus with them! (Unless you're a trained observer under DARK skies!) But you 
will see many beautiful clusters, asterisms, brighter nebulae, a galaxy or two, 
and even the occasional meteor with such an instrument.
Clear skies!
Lew Gramer