Re: (IAAC) FWD: What should I buy? (rich field scopes)

>The sum of our observing experience totals over 80 years...
D**n, Sue - that works out to 27 years EACH - unless one of y'all was E. E. 
Barnard! (May he intercede with the Cloud Gods for us all... ;>)
Seriously, I think if we start talking quality eyepieces, we're into an area 
even MORE religious than "the best telescope". Not it may be VERY instructive 
for those of us with less time (or less money) to experiment with oculars. But 
please don't get yourselves too personally tangled up in the debate on our 
account! It's clear all the contributors on this thread have had long years of 
real life experience with optics and (more importantly) with their fine-tuned, 
careful use in observing the sky!
All your perspectives are respected and appreciated.
>"Telescope Optics, Evaluation and Design" by Rutten and Van Venrooij.
Sue, is this a book you generally recommend for folks who want to understand optics at both the theoretical and practical levels? Have other folks on the list read it, or used it as a reference?
Clear skies!