(IAAC) IAAC Messier Challenge!

This is a challenge to observers at ALL levels on the list!
Looking over the latest update of our Web archive, I noticed there are still 
many objects of the "Bright and Beautiful" class for which we have no observing 
logs (or too few) posted! Among these are a number of nice Messier objects, and 
many others... See the IAAC Objects List at:
for a complete listing of logs, by object name.
Below is a list of "Missing Messiers" from our current IAAC archive: do you 
have an old log of one of these you'd like to share - or would you like to 
target one of them during your next observing session?
Let us know what you find, and clear skies!
Lew Gramer <owner-netastrocatalog@latrade.com
"MISSING MESSIERS" of the IAAC (Have you seen these?)
NAME            TYPE                    CONSTELLATION
----            ------------------      -------------
M9              Globular cluster.       Sgr
M16             Emission nebula.        Ser
M17             Emission nebula.        Sgr
M18             Open cluster.           Sgr
M19             Globular cluster.       Oph
M21             Open cluster.           Sgr
M23             Open cluster.           Sgr
M24             Star cloud.             Sct
M25             Open cluster.           Sgr
M26             Open cluster.           Sct
M30             Globular cluster.       Cap
M40             Multiple star.          UMa
M49             External galaxy.        Vir
M50             Open cluster.           Mon
M55             Globular cluster.       Sgr
M62             Globular cluster.       Oph
M68             Globular cluster.       Hya
M75             Globular cluster.       Sgr
M85             External galaxy.        Com
M89             External galaxy.        Vir
M90             External galaxy.        Vir
M91             External galaxy.        Com
M98             External galaxy.        Com
M99             External galaxy.        Com
Chestnuts seen but deserving of MORE OBSERVING LOGS!
NAME            TYPE                    CONSTELLATION
----            ------------------      -------------
M6              Open cluster.           Sco
M7              Open cluster.           Sco
M8              Emission nebula.        Sgr
M20             Emission nebula.        Sgr
M22             Globular cluster.       Sgr
M46 (+pn n2438) Open cluster.           Pup
M64             External galaxy.        Com
M84             External galaxy.        Vir
M86             External galaxy.        Vir
M109            External galaxy.        UMa