Re: (IAAC) Re: Iridium flares

Lew, Danny and others,
An organisation in the UK (and I am sure there is an equivalent in the 
US and other countries) is the Campaign for Dark Skies.  They have been 
pretty successful in dealing with local cases of bad light pollution in 
the UK and have certainly raised public awareness of the problem.  I 
wonder if they, or any other organisations might know the best way to 
approach the Iridium companies?
Anyone interestes can find them on the Web at 
It would be an interesting proposal!
Clear skies all, 
>Danny Darlington <ded312@m42.crane.navy.mil> writes:
>>Lew, how can I register my complaint too?
>Against Iridium flares, you mean, Danny? GOOD question! Any thoughts 
>anyone on these lists? After all, if the amateur community doesn't 
exert what 
>little influence it has in long-term satellite policies, who will?
>Clear (dark) skies,
>Lew Gramer
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