Re: (IAAC) FWD: What should I buy? (rich field scopes)

Penny wrote:
>The thing about starting with such a frustrating instrument though is 
>fact that it can frustrate an amateur into never going out to observe.  
In a
>small refractor like that, planets and the moon zip by before there is 
>to even look at them
It was an equatorial Newtonian actually, and, yes, the planets did just 
zip by!!!!
>I do know a friend who souped up a Tasco type department store scope. 
>refitted it to accept 1.25 inch ep's, and put a better mount on it.  He 
>it in conjunction with bigger equipment, but's its easy to take out in 
>pinch to do planetary work. 
I added a few counterweights to the blancmange-style tripod and it did 
seem to stabilise it from a few of the winds.  As for converting it, it 
sounds like it might be a good idea, but as I mainly use a 9" nowadays, 
I don't think it would be money-well-spent at the moment.  I have, 
however, kept onto it for its very portablility, and just in case my 
other scope is ever out of action (as it is currently).
> Again, these dept. store scopes always hawk
>their high magnification eyepieces....."450X power!" I saw on  one box. 
Yes, my Tasco actually!  A 225x eyepiece (I've forgotten the focal 
length) with a microscopic exit pupil and practically negative eye 
> I would say this is the true myth, that high power is  necessary to
>see deep sky objects with.
Agreed.  And with flashy Hubble pictures of M31 etc. on the box, it 
would be easy to be misled.
An interesting discussion form everyone!!  Clear skies to all,
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