Re: (IAAC) FWD: What should I buy? (rich field scopes)

Hi Paul,
:With hindsight, I would probably have gone with small Dob or even
:binoculars, but in many ways I think it is good to start out with a
:dodgy scope: it certainly teaches you a few things.
The thing about starting with such a frustrating instrument though is the
fact that it can frustrate an amateur into never going out to observe.  In a
small refractor like that, planets and the moon zip by before there is time
to even look at them.
I do know a friend who souped up a Tasco type department store scope. He
refitted it to accept 1.25 inch ep's, and put a better mount on it.  He uses
it in conjunction with bigger equipment, but's its easy to take out in a
pinch to do planetary work.  Again, these dept. store scopes always hawk
their high magnification eyepieces....."450X power!" I saw on  one box. (A
Tasco). I would say this is the true myth, that high power is  necessary to
see deep sky objects with.
Clear skies