Re: (IAAC) FWD: What should I buy? (rich field scopes)

>I have started observing with a japanese made 4.25-inch equatorial on a
>very unstable mount, but still recommend it to newcomers for the low 
>With the experience I have now, I would prefer to see newcomers 
>the sky with a Dobsonian or binoculars but I am sure some cheap 
>Newtonians (harder to handle) will give rise to passion for some 
>clear skies, Yann.
I too started observing with one of these (a Tasco I believe) and 
although it served me well for bright easy objects (Moon, Venus Jupiter 
etc) I really found that the stopped finder let me down when I tried to 
find anything a little more adventurous.  I would say though that the 
actual optics of the scope were of a pretty good quality and that they 
were very easy to adjust should the need arise.  However the mount 
really was hideously unstable and made it really hard to take good notes 
or sketches.
With hindsight, I would probably have gone with small Dob or even 
binoculars, but in many ways I think it is good to start out with a 
dodgy scope: it certainly teaches you a few things. 
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