Re: (IAAC) Fellow Orion user

Gary Otteson wrote:
>   I live in downtown Philadelphia. I use an 8" Celestron SCT with, for the
>   most part, a 12mm Nagler and a 22mm Panoptic (the Panoptic is on the
>   scope most of the time). A couple of months ago I was able to find one
>   galazy in the Virgo cluster, but I've never found another. Yet, I seem
>   able to locate M81/M82 almost at will, I think because they are higher
>   in the sky. The variability of the skies and the general hit or miss
>   nature of this whole endevour becomes a major part of the wonder, as far
>   as this newbie can tell. Don't despair: you'll see it all in time. The
>   levels of possible interest seem to be bottomless.
>   Gary
Do you belong to one of the Philadelphia area astronomy clubs?  If not, may I
suggest that you give the DVAA a try?  Meetings are held at the Schuylkill Center
for Environmental Education on Hagys Mill Road on the second Friday of each
month.  See http://www.libertynet.org/dvaa/ for further information.
Dave Mitsky