Re: (IAAC) FWD: What should I buy? (rich field scopes)

Hi Yan, Dave, etc.
:>Have you ever seen any of the objects that you mentioned through a large
:>telescope equipped with a 2" wide-field eyepiece?
Of course I have, and of course I consider the view stunning. But as I have
been saying, Dave, my preference is towards low power, and I have also be
reiterating that it's an objective choice.  In fact, I do some of my most
rewarding viewing using binocs only.  I prefer high power for planetary.
 I hope we are not starting a war, but just having a healthy discussion.  If
I failed to read your note thoroughly, then I am sorry. But we were
originally talking beginner here.
Not all of us have the resources to buy 2 inch eyepieces,  I wish I did, and
I wish I had the resources to purchase all the lovely optical equipment you
mentioned, but I don't.
:It is a normal human behaviour to have a preference towards our own
:equipment and to recommend it to the others... But everyone is different
:and the instrument that suits you perfectly may discourage a newcomer and
:galvanize another...
Yes, very true.  It's definitely human behavior.  I would recommend my scope
any day to a beginner, and even to an intermediate, for it's ease of use,
it's inexpensive price, and it's excellent optics.