Re: (IAAC) Markarian 205 - 8inch F/10

> a long focal eyepiece (Lichtenecker 100mm!!! a huge piece of rock)
Good lord, Yann - I've never even heard of a 100mm epc! "Lichtenecker" ("light 
corners") is an apt name for such a doorstop! :)  What is the eye relief on an 
ocular like that??
> I also think that even on deep professional ccd images, the QSO
> stays away from the halo: only the bridge or pseudo-bridge -
> I won't enter the polemics- can be seen...
RIGHT, I remember now reading some book reviews about this object. Apparently 
Zwicky (or was it Sandage??) used it as one of the prime counterexamples for 
the red-shift hypothesis for quasars...
It would be NEAT to be able to see such an animal with one's own eyeball: have to try for it next time I have access to that 36". :)
Clear skies,

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