Re: (IAAC) FWD: What should I buy? (rich field scopes)

>Have you ever seen any of the objects that you mentioned through a large
>telescope equipped with a 2" wide-field eyepiece?   You'd be surprised at
>just what will fit into the field of view.  (Certainly the Helix will since
>it is only about 30" in size.)  And believe me when I say that I have seen
 I thought Helix (planetary nebula in Aquarius) wax 15'x12' ?....
By the way (an to enter the current chat), I believe that the easiest way
to start a war is a room filled with experienced amateurs and a begginner
in the middle asking what telescope he should start observing with...
The same result may be obtained with the same room of experienced observers
and one of them asking what is the best telescope for observing...
Every one (and I am no exception!) thinks he/she has started with the good
equipement (and it is true if he/she keeps on observing for several years)
or he/she owns the best telescope in the world (and it is also true
overwise the telescope will be thrown away or replaced by a new one).
It is a normal human behaviour to have a preference towards our own
equipment and to recommend it to the others... But everyone is different
and the instrument that suits you perfectly may discourage a newcomer and
galvanize another...
I have started observing with a japanese made 4.25-inch equatorial on a
very unstable mount, but still recommend it to newcomers for the low price.
With the experience I have now, I would prefer to see newcomers discovering
the sky with a Dobsonian or binoculars but I am sure some cheap equatorial
Newtonians (harder to handle) will give rise to passion for some people.
clear skies, Yann.
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