Re: (IAAC) Markarian 205 - 8inch F/10

>>Description: when the seeing is correct, the quasar is visible as
>>a very faint star 50" to the S of the S edge of NGC 4319.
>This was a neat observation, Yann. I was curious, whether Mrk205 actually
>appears to be involved with the halo of n4319 in larger scopes?
I had the opportunity to seek Mrk 205 for the first time with the 24.4inch
Cassegrain at Chateau-Renard but the combination of the F/15 system, a long
focal eyepiece (Lichtenecker 100mm!!! a huge piece of rock) and low power
didn't showed it within the galaxy halo. I also think that even on deep
professional ccd images, the QSO stays away from the halo: only the bridge
or pseudo-bridge -I won't enter the polemics- can be seen...
clear skies, Yann.
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