Re: (IAAC) Hercules galaxies (was Re: What should I buy?)

Hi all
It's always nice to see people I communicate on line with getting their
stuff published. I am ALWAYS pleased to see a fellow female observer get
published. Thanks for the great and easy to read article Sue!  Always enjoy
reading your observing notes, too.
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Date: Monday, June 01, 1998 11:46 AM
Subject: (IAAC) Hercules galaxies (was Re: What should I buy?)
:Coincidentally, Sue, congratulations on getting that AWESOME observing
:about Hercules into the S&T last month! I hadn't read it when I went
:with the friend and his 36" last weekend: someone else mentioned the little
:galaxy between M13 and NGC6207, and we got the chance to see it in the Big
:Eye... It actually appeared elongated in the 36"!
:Then of course, I get home last week and finally notice your article.
:description of that little galaxy, complete with nice finder chart. Great
:stuff! :) Here's hoping we see lots more in that feature slot from you...
:Clear skies,