Re: (IAAC) FWD: What should I buy?

While I agree that many objects are best seen at high magnifications, I do
not agree that there are only a handful that require low power to be fully
appreciated.  There are enough wide-field objects for a lifetime of
observing with a small rich-field telescope.  These objects, however, often
belong to some of the lesser known designations such as Collinder, Melotte,
Ruprecht, Sharpless, Barnard, etc.  These objects were often overlooked in
the searches done with ordinary, narrow-field telescopes and did not make
the more well-known lists.
Clear skies,  Sue
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>While there are a handful of deep-sky objects that require low power to be
>fully appreciated, the fact remains that there are thousands of globular
>clusters, nebulae, and small galaxies that are best seen at higher