Re: (IAAC) FWD: What should I buy?

Well, folks, I'm sure Netzer will appreciate your input - anyway he would,
if he ever saw any of these responses... Unfortunately, though, only Penny
remembered my note saying you had to add Netzer's email address to your CC:
line (and she only remembered that for her first message)! Please forward
your responses to Netzer, when you get a chance.
And BTW, I agree about going for aperture if possible - in fact, a 10"
Coulter could probably be had used, without too much more saving on
Netzer's part. But I did want to stress that s/he join a club and try some
observing (with $50 binoculars), before investing a whole savings on a
scope. Anyway, thanks for the quick response - that is the kind of
enthusiasm that attracts younger people into our hobby! (I'm still fondly
reminiscing from reading Jeff Medkeff's article in this month's Sky &
Telescope on this very subject. :>)
Take care, and clear skies,