Re: (IAAC) FWD: What should I buy?

:>Hello, my name is Netzer Baram and I am a highschool student (15). I am
:>interested in deep sky observing. I have about $400 dollars to spend and
:>I want to know, what should I invest in. Would a 10X50 binoculars do?
Netzer, For my money I would choose the 6 inch Dob Newtonian. It's easy to
set up and will give you much more pleasure and let you see deeper than
binoculars.  Although I have to say that I used my binoculars in conjunction
with my Dob, but if I was going to choose either as far as deep sky
observing, my 10X50's would have to go, and my Dob would stay.  You can view
comets, planets, galaxies, nebulae, doubles, and other goodies with the 6
inch. It should fit in most trunks.  Try Orion Scopes at 1 800 447 1001 if
you haven't gotten their catalog yet. Or, try their website at
http://www.oriontel.com   Good luck and let us know when you get something!
Happy viewing!
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