Re: (IAAC) Welcome back and Messier Logging System v.1.0

> This sounds like a great program, Luis! Is there any way we can talk you
> into  adding a feature to automatically submit logs on the IAAC? :)
> Also, be aware that the "Silent Founding Partner" of the IAAC, Bernhard
> Rems,  wrote an OS/2 program some time ago for entering deep-sky
> observations!  Bernhard *is* still a subscriber to our list: Bernhard, if
> you're listening,  why not tell the rest of the list about your CAOS
> program?
Well, I should have remembered this .. I actually have semi-recently
stumbled over it in the list logs but it went under the heap ..
I'll contact Bernhard in separate, private email on this also ..
Well yes, I agree in thinking Luis' program to be very useful .. simply
won't like to install any Microsoft system for just running this .. and
well, I'm aware this is not Luis' but Borland's responsibility .. they
simply provide their BDE only for that "singular" platforms .. nevertheless
I've linked Luis' program in my Messier Goodie list, see
- hartmut