RE: (IAAC) Welcome back and Messier Logging System v.1.0

Luis_Arg=FCelles?= <arguelles.cbnr@redestb.es>  writes:
> Now for another thing: I've written a *free* prorgam in order to log =
> observations from the Messier Catalogue. This program "Messier Logging =
> System, by Luis Arg=FCelles" (MLS 1.0 for short) is very easy to use and =
> you only need to "fill in the blanks" to really enjoy the system, =
> because a lot of data is supplied. Each entry for the entire Messier =
> catalogue contains:
Seems to be nicely done but ..
> You need the following system in order to run MLS 1.0:=20
> CPU: Intel 80486 or better.
> Memory: 16 Mb of RAM.
> Graphic Screen: 800x600 or better.
> OS: Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0
One day I'll find some hours of time and go to modify one of my Messier
Catalog Rexx scripts in order to produce a similar thing for OS/2 PM,
running on every OS/2 2.0+ system starting from 386sx, 4Meg RAM, VGA .. :-)
- hartmut