(IAAC) Welcome back and Messier Logging System v.1.0

Hello, all! I'm back from an incredible (and incredibly tiring) two weeks+ in 
South Florida
Welcome back Lew!
It seems that good weather comes with you. I didn't observe since February, 9th due to the worst wheater conditions I can remember. Finally, yesterday May, 6, I went outside with "Vixus".
Now for another thing: I've written a *free* prorgam in order to log observations from the Messier Catalogue. This program "Messier Logging System, by Luis ArgŁelles" (MLS 1.0 for short) is very easy to use and you only need to "fill in the blanks" to really enjoy the system, because a lot of data is supplied. Each entry for the entire Messier catalogue contains:
Messier id. Number.
Constellation where the Messier object is located.
Short description of the Messier object.
Celestial coordinates in R.A. and declination.
Dimensions in minutes of arc.
Distance from Earth in K-light years.
Detailed information about each object.
Gorgeous image of the object.
The usser supplies the following information:
Observing instrument.
Observing date.
Observing time.
Observing location.
Used magnifications.
Limiting magnitude.
Observing comments and descriptions: Keep in mind that there's plenty of room (in fact, only limited by your hard disk) for your descriptions. You can log there
information from many years of experience.
Well, the program is not a short download, but it was a question of design; it's entirely built around the Borland Database Engine (DBE), so this is a solid foundation in order to future versions of this program. You need the following system in order to run MLS 1.0: 
CPU: Intel 80486 or better.
Memory: 16 Mb of RAM.
Graphic Screen: 800x600 or better.
OS: Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0
For more details and program downloading, please point your browser to:
Clearest skies and happy observing
Luis ArgŁelles