(IAAC) Meade coatings

I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I own a Meade 10"
Starfinder. The surface of the tube is beginning to get in pretty bad
shape from scrapes and bumps. I need to repaint/resurface it. I believe
the surface is some type of vinyl or plastic laminate. I called Meade
and they referred me to a company called Laminations in California that
makes it. They would not tell me what the coating was or how to recoat
the tube. They said it was propriatary information and couldn't give it
out. To top it off, I thought the person on the phone was pretty rude.
Guess they thought I was another company trying to get their secrest.
Can anyone give me some ideas about what type of coating I can put on
the scope to restore the finish?
Harold Williams 
Head Astronomer & Janitor
Northeast Philadelphia Deep Sky Observatory