(IAAC) List administrator is back in town

Hello, all! I'm back from an incredible (and incredibly tiring) two weeks+ in 
South Florida... Sadly we only spent *five days* camping in the pitch-black 
Florida Keys, but that was enough to give me sleep deprivation for the whole 
rest of the vacation. :>>>
Many meteor and deep-sky reports from the trip will follow, when I have time to 
transcribe tapes! Mean time, I'm slowly reviewing list traffic for these past 
20(!) days. If there are any problems which require my immediate attention, 
please email me about them (again?) today!
PS: Thanks to a bogus subscriber address causing problems on one of the lists 
in my absence, Net Admin at 'latrade.com' is now on the warpath about 
MajorDomo! Hopefully, our lists will remain safe here, but be forewarned there 
MAY be changes and interruptions these next two weeks.
Clear skies to all!
A mellower and tanner Lew