Re: (IAAC) Arp List in 8" Scope

Thanks for the kind words, Steve.  I expect the Arizona skies would have
helped - considerably - over the murk we call skies here in Georgia.  It's
would be an extreme pleasure to get out your way one of these days and spend
some eyepiece time with you.  I hope to get some form of the Arp
observations on my webpage and might see about uploading the new ones here
as well.
Eric Greene
Herschel 400 #129
The Unofficial Celestron Homepage
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Date: Thursday, April 30, 1998 7:50 PM
Subject: Re: (IAAC) Arp List in 8" Scope
>Good job.  I know that even with Arizona skies the Arp list must
>include some faint, low surface brightness galaxies.  I have no
>doubt this a real observing achievement.
>Steve Coe
>Herschel 400 #76