Re: (IAAC) Arp List in 8" Scope

At 01:33 PM 4/30/98 -0700, Mel Bartels wrote:
>Thanks for your note on the links.
>What I'm really hoping to find is the AL's Arp observing list. - the
>300+ galaxies.
The links I sent cover that information - the AL "list" is nothing more
than any 100 of the 338 galaxies in the catalog - you pick which 100 - and
you only have to observe the brightest component in interacting galaxies,
which makes it a little easier.
So the 338 to choose from are at:
Or, if you want the more complete tabular data that was published with the
Peculiar Galaxy Catalog in the first place, you can check:
etc, etc.
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