Re: (IAAC) Supernova observations

At 11:51 PM 4/21/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Thanks for the great observation with RA and Decs for where to
>look.  I will give them a try this weekend.  We are having a
>big get together near the little town of Sentinel Arizona.
>Lots of folks and scopes.
>Take Care;
>Steve Coe
Steve, Jeff, Bruce.
first thanks for all the helpful comments.
Let us know what you get Steve. My weather has broken down again.
BTW the coordinates for colliding galaxies NGC3690 and its supernova are RA
11 28.5   Dec 58 33.7. 
Taking the comments from Jeff and Bruce plus the lack of structure at the
supernova location and the fact that I did observe something at the correct
location I will have to claim a sighting. This  makes it  three supernovae
in one night which exceeds the number I've seen in the rest of my life.
Clear skies