Re: (IAAC) FWD: Binocular resolution of globulars (sue_and_alan_french@email.msn.com)

At 01:32 AM 4/22/98 PDT, you wrote:
>The following message from Sue French regarding binocular-resolvable 
>>    M13 looks mottled through 14x70s and can be resolved right across 
>>core in a 90mm scope, so it might be possible in, say, 16x80s.
Agreed.. I can resolve it under ideal cirumstances in an FS78, Brandon
80APO, 90mm Vixen fluorite. But at high power. Superbly resolved in an A/P
Traveler and FC100 at 100x. At low power inthose scopes, however, there is
just a hint of resolution. 16x80s will give as much effective light
throughput as those 4" scopes.
Thanks!   -Todd
Todd Gross
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