Re: (IAAC) Globular resolution in binocs?

Hello Auke,
One of my favorite and I believe partially resolveable in regular binocs is
M22 in Saggitarius. It's quite a loose cluster, in my honest opinion the
best globular in the sky :-).
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Date: Tuesday, April 21, 1998 9:56 AM
Subject: (IAAC) Globular resolution in binocs?
>Hi gang
>Do you know of any globulars that are resolved (partially or otherwise) in
>sized binoculars (7x - 11x, 50-80mm)?  [ Lee Cain's binoculars don't count
;) ]
>I can only think of Omega Cen, about which Phil Harrington says:
>"Observers with exceptional eyesight may just perceive some of" the stars,
>11x80 glasses will reveal scores"
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