RE: (IAAC) Seyfert Galaxy

> Can anyone tell me where I can find a good article on Seyfert galaxies?
> All I've been able to find are sites with little more than a definition
> of the term.
What info exactly do you need ?
A good though a bit technical treatment is in Donald Osterbrock's
"Astrophysics of Gaseous Nebulae and Active Galactic Nuclei",
University science books, 1989, ISBN 0-935702-22-9 (esp. ch. 11).
Most books dealing with galaxies in general have either small or technical
notes on Seyferts (look in the indexes ;) ), and there have been
Afaik, there's not much online exceeding the info I gave in my M77 and my
Galaxies articles and the entry in my Deep Sky Terms (have I already added
this ?) in the SEDS Messier pages.
Btw, I'd myself be interested in getting the _original_ Seyfert galaxies,
from Carl Seyfert's article in ApJ from 1943 listed .. in this rural area
here, with our university constructed in the 1960s, these old volumes are
unavailable for me .. the 3 galaxies first treated, before but presumably
included by Seyfert, are M77 and NGCs 4051 and 4151, according to Osterbrock
cited above.
Also, I'm still looking for a nice spectrum, preferably of M77, which
exhibits these famous emission lines .. or are these simply rumors ? ;)
.. for inclusion in the M77 section of the SEDS Messier database.
For the record, don't wonder if you hardly find M77 in Seyfert literature:
Most of these authors refer to it with its NGC number, NGC 1068.
- hartmut
PS: I crosspost this to ASTRO also, for reasons of relevance ..