(IAAC) Re: [ASTRO] photos

> I'm trying to develop a photo catalog of objects I've observed at star
> parties. I'm trying to find websites that have lots of photos. It's easy
> to find plenty of Messier photos. I'm having trouble finding photos of
> quite a few non-Messier objects. The Astronomical Society of the Pacific
> has quite a few. But, many are missing and some need a password to view.
> Can anyone suggest a few good websites for photos of non-Messier
> objects?
Even the seds messier database can point you the way here :-)
I've linked from the homepage (http://www.seds.org/messier/)
  - Bill Arnett's Web Nebula
  - Anglo-Australian Observatory (lots of non-M's also)
  - ASP index of NGC images
  - my NGC Online catalog which has an option to retrieve a Digital Sky
    Survey image for each NGC or IC object - ok some are too large to be
    pretty here but ..
  - SEDS image ftp archive
  - University of Arizona Astro Club CCD images
  - list of Deep Sky image sites (many of them with non-Messier images)
e.g. via the indexes, you can find also a non-Messier object index,
listing those non-M's covered in the SEDS Messier database (these indeed 
exist ;) ):
   http://www.seds.org/messier/xtra/ngc/ngc.html      by catalog number
   http://www.seds.org/messier/xtra/ngc/other-o.html  by object type
[tentatively this is about 83 objects but less images as some have no
image yet, and some images show more than one objects.]
- hartmut