Re: (IAAC) Magellan I

I had a Meade Magellan I on my Meade 16" Dob. Its accuracy was
astonishing. The problem I had was that the base was too heavy for the
encoder and it would quickly pull apart putting me out of business. When
Meade corrects the bottom encoder I will buy another. A 10" base is not
nearly as heavy so you should have no problem.
Bob McAlister
Clouseau@webtv.net wrote:
> Next weekend, I'm building a Dobsonian base for my Meade 10" reflector.
> I'm building the base as close as possible to the dimensions of the one
> a Meade comes with. After the base is finished, I want to install the
> Meade Magellan I digital setting circles. I would like to hear any
> comments, good or bad that you have about this system. I've heard that
> the important parts like the microprocessors and encoders are the same
> from brand to brand. The Magellan is by far less expensive than any
> other system I've looked at. It also has a larger object database than
> many other more expensive systems I've read about. At least on the
> surface, Meade's system has a lot of positives. Any opinions?
> Harold Williams
> Head Astronomer & Janitor
> Northeast Philadelphia Deep Sky Observatory