(IAAC) Magellan I

Next weekend, I'm building a Dobsonian base for my Meade 10" reflector.
I'm building the base as close as possible to the dimensions of the one
a Meade comes with. After the base is finished, I want to install the
Meade Magellan I digital setting circles. I would like to hear any
comments, good or bad that you have about this system. I've heard that
the important parts like the microprocessors and encoders are the same
from brand to brand. The Magellan is by far less expensive than any
other system I've looked at. It also has a larger object database than
many other more expensive systems I've read about. At least on the
surface, Meade's system has a lot of positives. Any opinions?
Harold Williams 
Head Astronomer & Janitor
Northeast Philadelphia Deep Sky Observatory