Re: (IAAC) Berkley 97 - 24inch F/15

>This was a fascinating observation, Yann! Do you have the opportunity to
>switch back and forth between intensified and straight-through video views
>you work with this 24"?
well, in fact it was not so easy, but having observed some objects visually
and observed the same objects with the intensified system, I found that the
magnitude limits where the quite the same.
The advantage is that the visual process is tiring for the brain and
requires a lot of effort, compared to the easily seen details on a video
screen. Compared with CCD images, the intensified ones are much more
realistic: the video camera was on a 1/6th second exposure sequence and so
the seeing degrading somewhat the image rendered a reality that is absent
on fixed ccd images.
we had some great moments with this system some friends and I; one of us
stayed under the dome with the telescope and camera (changing filters and
exposure, and moving the dome) and the rest of us in a "control room" next
to the dome, moving the telescope from targets to targets and seeing with a
TV monitor.
Some intensified images can be seen on my site
but most are bad quality reproductions (directly scanned 24x36mm negatives).
clear skies, Yann.
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