Re: (IAAC) Obj: NGC 6543 - Inst: 30" f4 dob

>Of interest was a dim, diffuse, hazy patch of nebulousity about 60 
>seconds west of ngc 6543.  The nebulousity was about twice the diameter of
>planetary.  It was near the apex of a triangle of dim stars and about two
>of the way to the nearest bright field star to the west of ngc 6543.  This 
>object is not plotted in Sky Atlas 2000.  Can anyone tell me what this
This is as good a description I have heard of IC 4677 (aka PGC 61193, MCG
11-22- 17, VV 121), which is a galaxy of about 15.7 magnitudes. I have
noted it before in an 18" dob, but never in a smaller instrument. Also,
about 9 minutes from the Cat's Eye, is NGC 6552; a little further away on
the other side is the much smaller galaxy PGC 61111 (CGCG 322- 21) - though
it is a little brighter than IC 4677. All three of these nearby targets
should be more or less easy in your aperture.
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