(IAAC) self-introduction

Hello everyone:
I've sort of been hanging out here for a while to see 
what it is all about. I think that the time has come to jump in, so 
here goes.
I'm 51 years old and live in Killeen, TX. I have been 
interested in astronomy most of my life. However, only recently have I actually 
done anything about it. Last year, when Hale-Bopp was very visible, I got 
a 60mm refractor at a local pawn shop. I used it to observe the comet, 
moon and planets. I even observed M-31 with it. However, I soon realized 
that I had pretty much reached it's limit, so I saved up and ordered a 
6" Orion dob. I had to wait several months for delivery but it just 
arrived and was worth the wait.
There is a fair amount of light pollution, 
but since I live on the NE edge of town, I have pretty good viewing to 
the north and east. South and west is where most of the glare comes in, 
especially to the west.
Well, that's about it. I'll post some observing 
logs soon, weather permitting.
William L. Schart
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