(IAAC) www.seds.org possible connection problems, also ftp.seds.org

It appears as if there might be a connectivity or access problem with the
domain names "www.seds.org" or "ftp.seds.org", so if you are concerned by
any access problem, please use the domain name seds.lpl.arizona.edu or the
IP address instead. E.g.,
  SEDS homepage:
  Messier homepage:
  Messier Marathon homepage:
  My homepage:
  SEDS FTP server:
Please note that some links will not work until the problem is fixed.
The eternal validity of Murphy's law was once again demonstrated on this
occasion which occurred timely to concern Messier Marathon 1998 weekend ..
aaargh ..
.. hope the prob will be fixed soon ..
- hartmut

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