Re: (IAAC) Open Cluster catalogs and xrefs

Jeff Medkeff wrote
> This will be
> a little more difficult, since positions/magnitudes/sizes in various
> catalogs vary somewhat, and combining data from four or more sources
> necessitates making a lot of 'manual' choices if it is to be done
> intelligently. If anyone has any ideas or advice for that part of the
> process, I am all ears.
I have been involved in this type of decision making with medical
statistics and always found that it was best choose one source as a
standard (right or wrong) then rank the others behind it to be used for
filling in missing information. Then in situations where there are major
discrepancies between the sources investigate them and if a change is
necessary document it. This provides some consistency to the data and makes
comparisons easier. 
Scott Hogsten